Whitesmoke English Writing Assistant for Adult Dyslexia

Statistics show that over 40 million Americans suffer from adult dyslexia - that’s 15% of the entire population. Combined with other writing difficulties, we can see the real need for an intelligent writing correction solution that understands the type of mistakes made by these writers.

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assistant-box Whitesmoke English Writing Assistant for Adult DyslexiaWhitesmoke Writing Assistant has been design to correct the writing of those with dyslexia and other writing difficulties. Features include:

  1. Specialized correction algorithms
  2. Text-to-Speech module to clarify words
  3. Works inside MS Word and MS Outlook

Whitesmoke Writing Assistant Features

WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant is the perfect tool for difficulties with spelling:

  1. Specialized Spelling Correction
    Algorithms developed for common mistakes by dyslexics.
  2. Audio Snippets
    Hear a full text, and hear replacement words.
  3. Results Sorted By Accuracy
    All spelling suggestions are sorted by their suitability to the context of the sentence.
  4. Integrated with MS Word
    Writing Assistant is always just a click away in MS Word.
  5. Includes Word Search
    Check the validity of a word suggestion via built in Google search.

Who Use Whitesmoke Writing Assistant

  1. People with Dyslexia and Other Writing Difficulties
    Based on research into the types of errors people with dyslexia and other writing difficulties make when writing, WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant brings a new level of confidence to these writers at home and at the workplace.
  2. International Business
    English spelling can be very difficult for new learners. WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant has proved very successful at detecting the mistakes of new English learners, helping speed up their language acquisition.
  3. Children and Youth with Spelling Difficulties
    The non-standard aspects of English spelling can be confusing – Writing Assistant can help children and youth learn efficiently via audio and text, streamlining their learning process.

Whitesmoke Writing Assistant Reviews & Testimonials

My English is quite good, but I still manage to catch a lot of errors with WhiteSmoke, so it is a big help.
Bjorn Nillson, Sweden

I am learning ESL and WhiteSmoke really helps. My writing improves daily, and the corrections it makes help me learn English writing.
Kim Sung Mo, Korea

I have a blog in English, and WhiteSmoke catches all my grammar and spelling errors before I publish. My writing is more confident, and my readers love the content.
Hans Spielberg, Germany

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Whitesmoke Writing Assistant Special Offer

Regular Price: $299

Special introductory Price : $89.95

Whitesmoke Write Assistant

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