Grammarly Online Grammar Checker Review

As a writer, I was looking for grammar checker software that was better than the one built into Microsoft Word. After a bit of research, I found that Grammarly was one of the more highly recommended services in this class so I decided to give it a try. This review is about why I recommend Grammarly to others who, like me, also need this kind of service.

The Grammarly layout is very simple. It consists of a box where you write your text and the “Start Review” button to start a scan. During the scan, the checker tells you what grammar rule it is checking for and about how long the scan will take. When it finishes scanning it gives an overall score for your writing and lists all of the mistakes it found.

In terms of accuracy, although the service checks for a large number of grammatical errors, it is still not as accurate as the best trained and experienced human editors. It does well at identifying errors in prepositions, run-on sentences and subject-verb agreement but is not very good in identifying errors in using numbers and it can mark clearly erroneous sentences as correct. I also noticed that it seemed to find more errors if you are logged in than if you were not and also find a lower percentage of plagiarism if you are not logged in. The difference is not much but it is consistent.

In the error list pop up it displays a list of categories like grammar, plagiarism, contextual spelling check and punctuation. These lists are then further broken down in the next column. If the service does not find any errors it displays a blue check mark. When it does find errors, it presents them one at a time and displays a red “x”. The erroneous word or sentence is highlighted in red with the reason for the error next to it.

Grammarly checks thoroughly for spelling and errors in grammar. It gives synonyms of highlighted words that helps enhance your vocabulary. It also checks for plagiarism and, if needed, cites the plagiarized material. This plagiarism checker, though, seems oversensitive and you have to do some research before making any adjustments to your work. Grammarly also has Microsoft Office integration capability. In case you have problems with the service you can click on the “Help” link that immediately takes you to their helpdesk. There is also a FAQ page and make available telephone and e-mail support if ever you need it.

buy-now_red Ginger Grammar Checker Review


The Grammarly checking service is about 85 percent accurate, 90 percent competent and 90 percent thorough. It is very easy to use and gives useful and easily understood feedback, although, at times it can become cluttered and overwhelming. I would also warn other users to double check their work after putting it through the Grammarly automated checker because, as good as it is, it is not 100 percent accurate. It recognizes many common grammatical errors but not all. You should not trust it as a final editor for spelling, syntax or grammar, but it serves to quickly root out most errors and help make your work faster.

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Ginger Grammar Checker Review

There are several reasons to own an accurate spelling and grammar checker. When you are writing it is important to get the ideas down first. The next stage is to make corrections, additions or omissions. Most software packages have built in spell checking solutions and some even go one step further by offering grammar correction, but none of them even come close to the power that is within Ginger Grammar Checker.

What is Ginger Grammar Checker?

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Instant Check Your Grammar with Ginger

Ginger seamlessly integrates into your production environment. You can access all of these great tools from within MS Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Firefox and Internet explorer. You will never make another mistake when posting to popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Bloggers, this is one tool that you should not be without. With one single click, Ginger can start correcting your mistakes today.

Increase your writing productivity by putting Ginger to work for you!

Grammar Software: RightWriter Vs. Ginger Software

Why would you need a grammar checker software? Imagine receiving a business letter and you find it has a lot of spelling and grammatical errors.  You would most probably think less of the sender, wouldn’t you?  Be reminded, though, that more than 60 percent of all business communications have some kind of grammatical error like apostrophe errors, missing words, wrong spelling and more.

Most of the times we do not have the patience and time to edit or proofread our work or, much less, other peoples work for a thorough grammar check. Enter grammar checker program. Now, imagine what the readers of your letters, e-mail, business communications and other written material would think if 60 percent of your work had mistakes.

RightWriter is a affordable desktop based grammar software,  you  don’t need a internet connection for grammar correcting. Ginger Software is also desktop based, but you must have internet connection to check your grammar errors. And, ginger is not cheap. We have been researched and compared these two grammar checking & correction software.

Pros of RightWriter:

1) One time cheap price with free lifetime updates.

2) Instant check, Ginger’s results are slow to come, it depends on speed of your network connection.

3) RightWriter has a lot to offer in terms of editing tools. It checks for over 5,000 grammar rules including subject-verb agreement, sentence fragments, run-on sentences, split infinitives, proper use of conjunctions and possessive forms, redundancy, misused words, capitalization, proper punctuation and weak sentence structure. It also includes a spell-checker.

We recommend that you check the spelling in your document prior to clicking the “Analyze” button. The analysis tool in the program looks for spelling mistakes, but it’s better to find those before they crowd your analysis results.

Cons (Ginger pros):

1) Poor Compatibility: You must copy/paste text into right writer for grammar analyzing.

2) RightWriter has not a free trial, you can  try ginger with a free download

3) RightWriter does come with a grammar guide, but nothing else when it comes to reference tools. The software does not include dictionary, thesaurus or translator tools, nor does it include writing templates.

4) A big problem that arises here is the fact that RightWriter doesn’t offer many grammar-correcting tools. You must incorporate the edits that the software suggests using your word processor.

5) Poor Support & Help: The only way you’re able to contact rightwriter is through a contact form available on its website. They also offers online help and tutorials for users who want answers to their questions right away. When you get into the program, you can access the product’s manual, which we found helpful and easy to read.

Ginger’s customer service is perfect, if you had used grammarly, you should know ginger & grammarly are same level in excellent help & support.


RightWriter is adequate grammar checking software that’s in need of a little modernization. Although it offers reasonably accurate and relevant edits, the software is difficult to maneuver. Incorporating the edits also requires using your own word processor. Before you purchase right writer, we highly recommend you give ginger grammar checker a try with a free trial.

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English Grammar Chcker Software Review & Comparison

Ginger Software is a market leader in the field of contextual grammar and spellchecking packages. The latest package, the Ginger Grammar Checker automatically corrects spelling and grammar errors and can be used with all Microsoft Text Editors including;

This package is especially useful for anyone who uses English as a second language and for people with learning difficulties, it can be of particular importance to those suffering from dyslexia, as it automatically corrects most errors – even difficult to find ones. The website is pleasant to use and offers a free trial download of the Ginger Grammar Checker, which is so simple to use. It also has a FAQ’s page to answer all queries and expand on the product. Other features are secure online payment and free technical support. This product does what it claims and is excellent in it’s simplicity, meaning you don’t have to have technical savvy to be able to use it. Useful for beginners and professionals alike.

Ginger Grammar Checker: Key Differentiators

There are many software packages that check for grammar and spelling errors but the main features Ginger Grammar Checker offers is;

Ginger software is an innovative leader in computer programmes, and this package offers full grammar correcting facilities, and also has extra features available which enable you to learn from your spelling and grammar mistakes, and also offer a text to speech reader.

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Ginger Grammar Checker vs. Leading Alternatives

The two main competitors in this field are;



This website is easy to navigate through and offers a package to suit a range of needs. It works in all text based applications and web browsers and offers the following advantages;



This is an automated proofreader which checks all writing for style, grammar and punctuation mistakes. It is an easy to use website and offers the following;


Ginger Grammar Checker Pricing & Packages

The pricing for this product varies with Ginger Grammar Checker and English Software Org., offering different ways of supplying the software packages and offering only on a monthly subscription basis. Prices are as follows:

Standard (contextual spelling and grammar correction) £18.92

Premium Package (as above plus text to speech reader, learn from your mistakes) £76.00

Monthly Package (contextual spelling and grammar correction) £3.20 mth

General Package (spelling, grammar correction) £48.41

All Inclusive Package (general, business, creative version)  £60.67

Executive Package (includes above plus medical, legal and high tech) £72.93

Monthly Package (grammar and spelling correction) $19.95

Quarterly Package (3 monthly)  $39.95

Annual Package: $95.45

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English Grammar Software – Whitesmoke VS Ginger Grammar Checker

Why would you need a grammar checking software? Imagine receiving a business letter and you find it has a lot of spelling and grammatical errors.  You would most probably think less of the sender, wouldn’t you?

Be reminded, though, that more than 60 percent of all business communications have some kind of grammatical error like apostrophe errors, missing words, wrong spelling and more. Most of the times we do not have the patience and time to edit or proofread our work or, much less, other peoples work for a thorough grammar check. Enter grammar checking applications. Now, imagine what the readers of your letters, e-mail, business communications and other written material would think if 60 percent of your work had mistakes.

Why would you take this chance of jeopardizing all those important documents when you could get help at reducing or eliminating errors with the two most popular grammar checking program from and Grammarly?

Here, we compare, side by side, which of the two is better


1) One price with free lifetime (supposedly) updates.

2) Instant check, Grammarly’s results are slow to come.

3) Works with almost ALL text editors in windows. I am writing documents in LaTex, and WhiteSmoke is very convenient, I just select the text in a text editor and hit F2 and my text is tested. Grammarly should make a plug-in like that. I tried to use the MS-Office plug-in of Grammarly and took the text to the website, sorry guys but this is a fail for me.

4) Whitesmoke is not too confused when I use LaTex markups in the text. Although, Grammarly is not that far behind.

5) WhiteSmoke annotates the text instantly, and you can click on the annotation you want for more information and automatic corrections. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed from all the Grammarly prompts, in WhiteSmoke, I can just do a visual scan a click on the items I want to address.

Cons (Grammarly pros):

1) No automatic citation check, however, Grammarly it appears to check only text available on the internet and not publications, e.g. a book (I could be wrong on this).

2) More thorough review and explanations.

3) WhiteSmoke is heavily marketed, Grammarly appears to be more professional in that matter, the website is much cleaner and organized.

4) Overall, Grammarly offers better results, but WhiteSmoke is not that far behind.


I still like Whitesmoke for the original reasons, it is not perfect, but it improves every few months. For example, Whitesmoke 2011 now works great with both 32bit and 64bit programs.

Suggestions for Grammarlly:

To sum up, I want the WhiteSmoke’s interface, with Grammarly’s engine. That will be the ultimate tool: ultra fast, and ultra-accurate.

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English Grammar Checker Comparison: Whitesmoke Vs Ginger

There are several spelling and grammar checker currently available. After making the decision to purchase one, I had no idea how to choose the best product. Fortunately, Ginger and WhiteSmoke 2011 with the WhiteSmoke Translator both offer free trial.

This review will look at the download/installation process, the user interface, accuracy and additional features of each program. Download/Installation Process:Both the Ginger and WhiteSmoke websites were easy to navigate. The installation for both products went smoothly. Although I had heard rumors of viruses and malware coming with free trial version of things, my anti-virus scanner found both to be clean.

User Interface: Ginger will scan text from any Office application. WhiteSmoke 2011 has slightly more flexibility, as it can scan from nearly any text-based application. Aside from Office, it can scan from Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, which means you can check emails, chats, blog posts and pretty much anything you will ever write.

For both WhiteSmoke 2011 with the WhiteSmoke Translator and Ginger, all you have to do to check your text is press F2. The WhiteSmoke window opens, with the selected text inside. It highlights spelling, grammar and style errors and even suggests style improvements. WhiteSmoke 2011 also rates your writing and identifies your common mistakes, so you can know where to improve. Ginger scans the text directly in the word processor and makes suggestions. Both programs allow the user to opt out of a suggested change.  Another usage point to note is that both programs have alternatives to the F2 button. They both have floating buttons, hovering unobtrusively in the corner. WhiteSmoke, in addition to the floating button, allows the user to change the setting to several options of buttons.

Accuracy: I ran a number of texts through each program in turn to test for accuracy. The best way to describe the results is to say that WhiteSmoke picked up everything that Ginger picked up, but Ginger didn’t pick up nearly as many errors as WhiteSmoke. Ginger caught all the spelling mistakes, including errors such as “two” instead of “to”, but missed many of the grammar mistakes. It did not pick up on misplaced commas, for example. WhiteSmoke also missed a few things, but all in all, the texts were far more improved after a scan with WhiteSmoke than with Ginger.

Additional Features: As far as the free trial was concerned, Ginger didn’t include any features aside from the spell-check. WhiteSmoke, however, includes a dictionary, hundreds of templates and best of all, the WhiteSmoke Translator. The WhiteSmoke Translator supports nine languages. The WhiteSmoke Translator provides accurate translations and then allows you to check the text for grammar mistakes.

Conclusion: I was impressed by both Ginger and WhiteSmoke 2011 with the WhiteSmoke Translator. At the end of the day, you’ll choose the one that best suits your needs. For me, WhiteSmoke was the better option because I know I overuse commas and Ginger wasn’t so helpful with that. The WhiteSmoke all-in-one solution is truly a complete solution, and I certainly recommend it.

This review was scanned with WhiteSmoke 2011.

Via: Writing Software ReviewsGrammar Checker Comparison: Ginger VS. Whitesmoke

Whitesmoke English Writing Assistant for Adult Dyslexia

Statistics show that over 40 million Americans suffer from adult dyslexia – that’s 15% of the entire population. Combined with other writing difficulties, we can see the real need for an intelligent writing correction solution that understands the type of mistakes made by these writers.

Non-dyslexic 226,666,667
Dyslexic 40,000,000

Whitesmoke Writing Assistant has been design to correct the writing of those with dyslexia and other writing difficulties. Features include:

  1. Specialized correction algorithms
  2. Text-to-Speech module to clarify words
  3. Works inside MS Word and MS Outlook

Whitesmoke Writing Assistant Features

WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant is the perfect tool for difficulties with spelling:

  1. Specialized Spelling Correction
    Algorithms developed for common mistakes by dyslexics.
  2. Audio Snippets
    Hear a full text, and hear replacement words.
  3. Results Sorted By Accuracy
    All spelling suggestions are sorted by their suitability to the context of the sentence.
  4. Integrated with MS Word
    Writing Assistant is always just a click away in MS Word.
  5. Includes Word Search
    Check the validity of a word suggestion via built in Google search.

Who Use Whitesmoke Writing Assistant

  1. People with Dyslexia and Other Writing Difficulties
    Based on research into the types of errors people with dyslexia and other writing difficulties make when writing, WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant brings a new level of confidence to these writers at home and at the workplace.
  2. International Business
    English spelling can be very difficult for new learners. WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant has proved very successful at detecting the mistakes of new English learners, helping speed up their language acquisition.
  3. Children and Youth with Spelling Difficulties
    The non-standard aspects of English spelling can be confusing – Writing Assistant can help children and youth learn efficiently via audio and text, streamlining their learning process.

Whitesmoke Writing Assistant Reviews & Testimonials

My English is quite good, but I still manage to catch a lot of errors with WhiteSmoke, so it is a big help.
Bjorn Nillson, Sweden

I am learning ESL and WhiteSmoke really helps. My writing improves daily, and the corrections it makes help me learn English writing.
Kim Sung Mo, Korea

I have a blog in English, and WhiteSmoke catches all my grammar and spelling errors before I publish. My writing is more confident, and my readers love the content.
Hans Spielberg, Germany

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Whitesmoke Writing Assistant Special Offer

Regular Price: $299

Special introductory Price : $89.95

Whitesmoke Write Assistant

Related Writing Software Product

Stylewriter Writing Software.

Best plain english writing software for large organizations, school, and business company. First choice for copywriters, More plain writing, More Sales!

Ginger Software Premium

Ginger is the great writing solution available for people with dyslexia.Ginger has been tested on texts written by people with dyslexia, and its accuracy in correcting their errors far surpasses all other tools available today!

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Whitesmoke Writer 2010 Review – Final Version of Best English Grammar Software

Whitesmoke all-in-one solution
WhiteSmoke Writer is the latest version of WhiteSmoke’s acclaimed writing and grammar software. A significant upgrade from WhiteSmoke 2009, WhiteSmoke Writer introduces new features and enhancements that make correcting and enhancing your writing a breeze. For writers of all skill level, WhiteSmoke Writer is the all-in-one solution for error-free and persuasive writing.

Who Uses WhiteSmoke Writer?

WhiteSmoke Writer is used by children at school, adults in the workplace, by people learning English as a second language, and by corporate professionals writing business reports and documentation. Any who is writing English, either online or on the desktop, can benefit from WhiteSmoke Writer’s text correction and enhancement.

Whitesmoke Writer Review

“The software’s secret sauce is its online database, which crawls news and business websites every day and “reads” all the sentences using WhiteSmoke’s proprietary algorithms.” – Business 2.0 Review

“WhiteSmoke’s software looks to improve documents in two ways. First, it runs a grammar and spell check, trying to find things missed by the standard tools found in e-mail and word processing – CNet Review

“[A] new Facebook application has been launched and it looks like a sure winner when it comes to grammar correcting.” – SoftPedia Review

More Reviews and Testimonials About Whitesmoke

Whitesmoke Writer Free Download & Special Offer

Now you can download Whitesmoke Translator trial version for free.

If you are already are user of Whitesmoke Writer, you can get Whitesmoke Translator full version just $19 only, The official price of this full text translator is $95.

WhiteSmoke Translator is an all-new translation software product from WhiteSmoke. Translator enables you to take any text from any text-based application, and automatically translate it into a destination language. Based on Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) technology

buy whitesmoke writer 2010, get whitesmoke translator only $19

Get it Now, Save 80%!

A Version to Suit Everyone

WhiteSmoke Writer comes in several writing profiles to suit a range of uses. The key features are shared across all profiles – grammar checking and explanation, spell checking, style checking, and the dictionary-thesaurus. On this base, each profile has unique letter templates to suit the field, specialized text enrichment based on the type of writing, and unique dictionary and glossary entries. WhiteSmoke Writer is currently available in General, Business, Creative, and Bio-Tech profiles. All profiles are bundled together with a specialized multi-lingual dictionary in the Executive Package.

Whitesmoke Writer 2010 Features

  1. *Improved!* Grammar Checker

    Check your grammar to perfection. The most powerful grammar checker on the market detects and corrects a huge range of hard-to-spot errors.

  2. *Improved!* Grammar Explanations

    Any grammar error that is corrected by Writer also comes with an explanation that explains the grammar rule behind the error.Write confidently and learn from your mistakes.

  3. *Improved!* Style Checker

    Enhance your sentences with alternate words and phrasing, including alerts for informal language.

  4. *Improved!* Dictionary-Thesaurus

    An easy-to-use one-click dictionary-thesaurus gives you instant access to definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and idiomatic phrases.

  5. *Improved!* Spell Checker

    Writer’s spell checker can detect typos and common spelling mistakes, as well as correctly spelled words used in the wrong context.

  6. *Improved!* Letter and Document Templates

    Never be stuck for words – hundreds of letter templates are available to help you get started on any letter or document you need to write.

  7. ***New*** Writing Review

    Writer not only corrects your text – it gives you detailed information about your writing in order to help you improve.

Whitesmoke Writer online demo is here

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Whitesmoke Review – Whitesmoke ESL Software Review

WhiteSmoke is a program that aims to help its users produce better-written documents. It does this by analyzing the spelling, punctuation and grammar in any document, and then suggesting corrections and possible improvements. White Smoke is compatible with Microsoft Windows ME, Windows2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. It will work in almost any text-based application, including word processors, email programs, web-based forms, and so on.

Whitesmoke is suitable for ESL

If you are using english as a second language (ESL), i think whitesmoke will very suitable. And if you are using english as a first language (EFL), i don’t think this product review can help, i strongly recommend you choosing style writer plain english writing software.

How to Use Whitesmoke?

Once WhiteSmoke is installed on your computer, when you create your text in your chosen application (e.g. Microsoft Word, WordPress or Blogger blogging platform), you can select the text you want to analyze by highlighting it in the normal way, then press the WhiteSmoke shortcut key. This is set by default to F2, though you can change it if you like. In Word a separate “Enrichment” button is created on the toolbar, and you can click on this as an alternative to pressing the shortcut key.

WhiteSmoke will then open in a new window, with your selected text in a box in the middle. Spelling mistakes are highlighted in red and grammar mistakes in green. When you move the cursor over any item, suggested corrections (a range of them) appear in a box at the foot of the screen. You can accept or reject any correction just by clicking on it.

You can view this flash demo to learn how whitesmoke working well.

Whitesmoke Grammar Enrichment for Writers

Perhaps the most interesting feature for writers, however, is the enrichment function. The WhiteSmoke software analyzes your writing and looks for ways it could be improved, e.g. by using an alternate word or phrase (thesaurus function), or by adding extra words. All candidates for enrichment are highlighted in blue in the WhiteSmoke window, and suggested additions and alternatives are shown in the boxes below. Again, you are at liberty to accept or reject any change. Once you have gone through all the program’s suggestions, just save the changes and close WhiteSmoke, and the corrected and “enriched” version will automatically appear in the original application.

Whitesmoke is easy to use

Overall, I was impressed with how easy WhiteSmoke was to use, and its effectiveness. Obviously Word does have its own spelling and grammar checkers, but WhiteSmoke’s appear to work better. This is especially so with the grammar checker, which is far more user-friendly than Word’s. The “Enrichment” function is particularly good for revealing ways in which text can be improved. Obviously not all the changes the software suggests will be appropriate, but simply seeing the suggested alternatives can jolt you out of using the same old words and expressions, and give your writing a new, fresher feel.

Whitesmoke Version Reviews

The version of WhiteSmoke I evaluated was the standard one, which is really aimed at business users. It would still be useful for writers, but WhiteSmoke also offer a version of the software specially tailored for use by creative writers. If you’re a novelist or short story writer, this would probably be the version to go for. It has a larger vocabulary than the standard version, and is less likely to suggest inserting business-related terms such as inventory and turnover into your sensitive description of a woodland sunset…

More about whitesmoke software version reviews, please read this post

Drawbacks of Whitesmoke Software

Are there any drawbacks to WhiteSmoke? Well, a possible one for some users is that you need to have an Internet connection open while you are using it. WhiteSmoke say this is because the program’s database is constantly updated via the web. For most users this is unlikely to present problems, but if you regularly use your computer off-line, it might be a bit frustrating.


WhiteSmoke is probably ideally suited for writers who are buzzing with ideas but know that they have a few shortcomings in grammar, punctuation, and so on. Even if you’re reasonably confident in these areas, however, WhiteSmoke can give you a fresh perspective, and suggestions for improving passages of text you may have become “bogged down” on.

Whitesmoke Special Offers

70% OFF!

WhiteSmoke 2009 Review – Best english writing & grammar correction software

WhiteSmoke 2009 is an innovative proofreading and editing tool with a single aim – to help you write better. Whether you simply want to compose well–written emails to family and friends, or you need professional results for business and corporate settings, WhiteSmoke consistently delivers

WhiteSmoke 2009 New Features


WhiteSmoke 2009 introduces a new GUI with an improved workflow. Central to the new design is the presentation of WhiteSmoke’s suggestions and corrections. Replacing the pop-up menus of WhiteSmoke 2008, the user now receives corrections and suggestions in-line with the text, just like when a text is edited and proofread manually.”Our beta group is very pleased with this new development, which brings a more organic and ‘real-life’ feel to the writing and editing experience,” notes Liran Brenner, VP R&D at WhiteSmoke. Other changes include the placement of the additional writing tools (English Lessons, Templates, and the Dictionary) above the text area, and more intuitive placement of the “Check” and “Apply” buttons.

Style Checker

WhiteSmoke 2009 introduces a new collection of style checking features. The WhiteSmoke Style Checker includes WhiteSmoke’s patented Text Enrichment, a unique technology that has established WhiteSmoke in a field apart from competitors, as well as a range of new features that address overall writing style. Users will be notified of incomplete sentences, use of slang and IM speak, and informal sentence structures. These additional style checking features make WhiteSmoke 2009 a great leap forward from previous versions of WhiteSmoke, and consolidate the WhiteSmoke mission of creating an “all-in-one” writing tool.

Grammar Checker

WhiteSmoke 2009 introduces new grammar algorithms and updates to existing algorithms. Key new detections include confusions between countable and non-countable nouns (much/many, less/fewer), comparative/superlative mismatches (more nicer, less nicest), and recognition of run-on sentences. Updates to existing grammar algorithms have further improved the precision of WhiteSmoke’s corrections over a wider variety of possible sentence constructions.

whitesmoke 2009 business version review

With the WhiteSmoke 2009 Business Writing Version you can’t go wrong with any document you send out! Our online software corrects any potentially embarrassing grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes and takes your text to a new and more professional level with text enrichment suggestions relevant to the business world. The integrated dictionary-thesaurus, idiom database, and optional multi-language translator [Now Free] are complemented by 600 document templates that all-in-all provide you the best English writing package available!

Buy Now Price: $99.95

whitesmoke 2009 Creative version review

Do you feel like you’ve got a burning desire to be a writer but afraid you still need to brush up on some writing basics? The WhiteSmoke online grammar and writing software is the all-in-one solution that caters to all your writing needs! It will correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes in any short story and essay you write. It will also provide you with text enrichment suggestions to enrich your writing with synonyms and extra adjectives and adverbs. The integrated dictionary-thesaurus, idiom database, 600 document templates, and online English lessons complete our unique all-in-one writing tool made just for you!

Buy Now Price: $99.95

Get a free dictionary + ESL Online Video Tutorial Courses + Business English Video Tutorial Course

whitesmoke 2009 General Writing version review

Writing has never been more accessible than with the groundbreaking WhiteSmoke grammar and writing software. Whether you are a middle school student, about to hand in your first college thesis or already deep in the world of work, our software provides an all-in-one software package that caters to all your writing needs. Starting with grammar, punctuation, and spelling corrections all the way up to text enrichment suggestions of synonyms, adjectives, and adverbs, the WhiteSmoek English text enhancer does it all. Together with a built-in dictionary-thesaurus, idiom database, 600 document templates, and an optional multi-language translator, WhiteSmoke is just the writing tool you need to “Write Better – Right Now!

Buy Now Price: $79.95

whitesmoke 2009 Bio-Writing version review

Completing those patient progress forms or filing lengthy medical supply orders can be tedious and even embarrassing if sent out with mistakes. The WhiteSmoke online English grammar and writing software answers to all your needs as it corrects grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. It goes even further by offering text enriching synonyms, adjectives, and adverbs – all suited to medical jargon. Completing this package are the integrated dictionary-thesaurus, 600 professional document templates, and the optional multi-language translator. All in all, WhiteSmoke is the best all-in-one writing solution to make you “Write Better – Right Now!”

Buy Now Price: $99.95

whitesmoke 2009 Hi-tech version review

The Hi-Tech Writing version of WhiteSmoke is an excellent writing solution for Hi-Tech and IT professionals. Like all versions of WhiteSmoke, you get full access to our advanced grammar checker and spell checker, as well as the style checker, which provides text enhancement suggestions to improve your writing. The dictionary-thesaurus and the spelling database of the Hi-Tech Writing version are tailored for the specific writing needs of Hi-Tech and IT professionals.

Buy Now Price: $99.95

whitesmoke 2009 Executive version review

If you are an executive manager who just doesn’t have time for editing emails and business proposals, then WhiteSmoke’s English grammar and writing software is the solution you’ve been waiting for. The Executive Version includes the text enrichment capabilities of all other WhiteSmoke versions (business, creative, legal, medical, and general), and WhiteSmoke’s world-leading grammar, spelling, and punctuation correction. These core features are backed by a one-click dictionary-thesaurus, and over 600 professional document templates. WhiteSmoke’s all-in-one solution is the best bang for your writing buck!

Buy Now Price: $249.95

Whitesmoke 2009 Business English Video Tutorials

WhiteSmoke’s Business English Video Tutorial Course is based on a comprehensive and highly interactive method to help you learn the “ins and outs” of Business English. The course is based around a series of real-life business scenarios, which help you acquire the necessary communication skills through actual business interactions. There are achievement tests to help you track your progress, and detailed case studies to help you get the most out of your Business English learning experience.

Buy Now Price: $99.95

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Whitesmoke 2009 ESL Online Video Tutorials

WhiteSmoke’s ESL Online Video Tutorial Courses are based on a comprehensive and highly interactive method to help you learn the “ins and outs” of English as a second language. The courses are based around real-life scenarios, which help you acquire the necessary communication skills through actual interactions. There are achievement tests to help you track your progress, and detailed case studies to help you get the most out of your English learning experience.

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Now buying any whitesmoke Products, get this Free!!