Whitesmoke 2011 Review

You might have come across WhiteSmoke 2011 – the English grammar checking tool. It is the world’s most comprehensive grammar checking and enhancing tool available. Besides checking and enhancing grammar, it has other desirable features too. These include spell checker and writing style checker.  Now you may wonder why you need to use a separate grammar checker when your PC already owns this feature in its Microsoft Word. The reason is, this unique software offers several advanced options that MS Word doesn’t have.

WhiteSmoke’s english editing software checks spelling and grammar with reference to the context. This feature is essential for grammar enhancement but it is not available with MS Word. Besides it inserts missing words in sentences and also corrects tenses. Another feature that is available in White Smoke but not in MS Word is, it provides alternative words which would help you to enhance your writing style.

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Whitesmoke 2011 is an advanced piece of software for all the native and non-native English speaking people. It is a quality writing tool for all those who are not that great in writing. It corrects and enhances your sentences and enables you to deliver a perfect document. It has been designed in the simplest way that it can be used from schools to higher level institutions or even bigger organizations and it is absolutely outstanding than any other of its kind.

In a world where there is very little time to eat, sleep and speak, we cannot expect to roll on to the pages of a dictionary for every single word. Whereas this process helps in freeing your mind and in no time it corrects all the simple mistakes and enhances your statements with appropriate words to make it a perfect document. Through this way you, will be able to master the English language even if it is not your native language. It assists you to overcome all your problems in English and helps you to master it.

Whitesmoke not only corrects your spelling and grammar, but also helps you to master the English language by pointing out the reason for that error. It is more like a friendly teacher that you have availed and in the simplest way. The benefits are innumerable that it analyses everything involving texts and makes sure that the document is made with perfection. For example, The New E-mail checker tool which proofread all your mails can be highly significant while sending important business oriented mails or official documents. The New Word-by-context menu thesaurus helps in text enrichment and defines which word to be used in which place. The New writing review helps you with instant quality score on your text. The Punctuation checker improves readability with accurate punctuation.

WhiteSmoke english writing software not only works in MS Word or in Outlook but in every other text based applications. The dictionary Thesaurus and Letter Templates provided along can be handy with accurate word definitions, synonyms, idiomatic phrases, and with over 600 letter templates. The application provides complete English coaching. This happens in just a single click and your precious time is never wasted. I am not the only person benefited by this program, but there are scores of people.

Download the software in your PC, let your kids work on it and they will improve their English in a better and easier way. Hereafter, you don’t need to worry if you are not a native English speaker; it also provides the translation guide through which you can find words and its meanings in just fraction of a second. English being the Universal language, this program will help people in almost all the fields irrespective of their nation and the nature of their work they undertake. This has been ranked 5th in the top 100 business ideas in the world.

Unless we update ourselves with the new trends and innovative views, there are less chances of making a mark in this competitive world. We need to take fast moves and stick to wise decisions so that not a single moment has been wasted in our life. So hurry! Make use of the offer and see the change in you. The process is very simple. All you have to do is download the software and start using it which hardly takes two minutes and you will see the magic it plays within your writings. There will a marked improvisation in your career and within yourself. It will enthrall you and I am sure your status will definitely be on a high note. “Make hay while the sun shines” here is your chance to reach the roof of perfection and always stay ahead of competition.

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Stylewriter Review – Stylewriter Software for Crystal-Clear Communication

StyleWriter is a plain english writing & editing software for Crystal-Clear Communication, If you don’t know What is Plain English? click this link first: http://www.stylewriter.org/plain-english/index.html

Business writing involves several skills, disciplines, and procedures. For most businesses it’s rare enough to find an employee that can write professionally, much less follow a particular style the company has developed. StyleWriter from Editor Software won’t write your documents for you, nor will it structure your prose into logically flowing communication — that’s still the responsibility of the writer. But what it will do is analyze your document for grammatical and linguistic problems, while also identifying words or phrases that need to be changed to match your organization’s definition of standards.

Stylewriter Plain English Writing Software Review

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StyleWriter installs as both an add-on for Microsoft Word and as a standalone application. If you regularly use MS Word as your editor you can click the icon in the Word toolbar to start StyleWriter’s analysis. If you use another editor you’ll need to start StyleWriter separately, and you may need to paste your document into the app.

Using MS Word or a similar word processor that supports DDE is the preferred method, though, as StyleWriter uses DDE (dynamic data interchange) to connect to your word processor. StyleWriter can use DDE interactively to apply changes it suggests directly to your document, and will even get out of the way so you can edit the document directly.

You can also use StyleWriter with any other application by copying your text to the Windows Clipboard. This does however make the process more cumbersome since StyleWriter’s changes can’t be automatically applied. In this case you will need to make the edits manually based on StyleWriter’s instructions. It would be helpful if the program had a more generic link and could be used directly with any Windows-based editor.

Going Above and Beyond Your Average Word Processor

So how is StyleWriter different than your average word processor?

All word processors can check your spelling, and most will even review your grammar and suggest changes, but StyleWriter goes beyond that. When StyleWriter is started from its icon in the Word taskbar it performs a preliminary analysis of your document and scores it on three criteria — average sentence length, number of passive verbs used, and overall style.

Different document types use different styles. For example, research papers have distinctly different styles than press releases. StyleWriter offers several choices for the type of document to be checked, including general writing, newsletter, resumé, cover letter, technical report, instructions, and general letter. Selecting the type of document you’ll be checking loads StyleWriter’s basic analytical parameters.

Besides checking sentence length and the number of passive verbs, StyleWriter’s style indexes check for a wide variety of common editorial issues like misused words, confused words, complex words, jargon, abstract words, hyphenation, overused words, legal words, sexist writing, clichés, grammar, and redundancies. And it goes even farther and does some of the same things a human editor would look for, such as overwriting, foreign words, sentence structure check, and even preferred spelling.

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Find out how StyleWriter can help you with: Technical Reports, Journalist Writing, Advertising Copy, Minutes of Meetings, Writing Memos, Writing Policies and Procedures, Legal Documents, Essays and Research Papers, Business Letters

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Now the Fun Begins

After loading and scanning your document against the active parameters, three grades are shown ranging from “horrid” to “excellent.”

That’s when the fun starts.

StyleWriter works like an inline spell checker in that it identifies and highlights each of the offending items that contributed to the high score, then offers advice on fixing each problem. The word or phrase that was identified as violating the rule and the suggestions for repairing the problem are displayed in the Advice window. Many changes can be applied by simply clicking the suggested fix. For example, StyleWriter identified the word “authorized” as a Complex Word, and suggested using “let, allowed, approved, or sanctioned” instead. Simply clicking “allowed” replaced the word in the main document and moved to the next offender.

Some changes require editing the document directly, wherein StyleWriter automatically minimizes after clicking the Edit button so you can make your changes manually.

Customized Rules

In addition to making your documents easier to read using its built-in rules, you can also create your own set of House Rules checked by StyleWriter to ensure that documents adhere to them. For example, if your company has standardized on the spelling “e-mail,” StyleWriter can check for offending spellings like email, eMail, or Email, and suggest they be changed. The other parameters that control sentence length and passive verbs can also be modified to suit the company’s preferences.

A Complete Package

Overall, StyleWriter is a valuable tool for organizations that need to produce high-quality documents and that don’t have a full-time editing staff. Even with a documentation or public relations department, StyleWriter can help by ensuring a consistent set of standards and by easing the burden of training staff on the company’s preferred editorial guidelines.

The StyleWriter program comes with a demo and tutorial as well as a dictionary-thesaurus, a writer’s outliner program, a typing tutor, and a writer’s calculator. Guides for writing technical documents, business plans, resumés, cover letters, essays, and letter writing are also included as bonuses.

You can download a free 30-day trial from http://www.stylewriter.org/buy/index.html, and the full package on CD costs $160.00.

Pros: Valuable collection of tools for improving your writing and ensuring your company’s documents follow a set style, solid integration with Microsoft Word.

Cons: Windows OS Based, you can not use stylewriter on Mac. Aging interface, quite expensive at $160, doesn’t integrate as well with other word processors (especiallys non-DDE-compliant processors), somewhat buggy.

StyleWriter is undoubtedly useful for anyone who writes, not just technical authors. It takes the hard slog out of editing, and draws your attention to stylistic faults you probably didn’t know you had. In an ideal world, every technical author would have a copy of it.

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Stylewriter Features – The most powerful way to edit any document

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StyleWriter Writing & Editing Software – help you edit your documents into plain english

Stylewriter software is the most popular english writing software in the worldwide. The EditorSoftware is a UK company, Their StyleWriter writing solution included Stylewriter writing software, Stylewriter electronic writing course, and elecronic house style for large organizations.

Most documents could benefit from strong editing to improve clarity and readability.

Most of us have poor writing habits, making our writing dull and long-winded. This makes it difficult to get our message across. StyleWriter changes your habits by showing you how to edit your writing into a clear and readable style. An ideal program for anyone who needs to communicate clearly in English. Click here to learn more

All professions need to write well.
Lawyers, government officials, engineers, educators, accountants are just a few professional groups who have found StyleWriter transforms their writing style. Use StyleWriter and you’ll find you soon save time drafting, send more direct and easily understood documents and get better responses from your readers. Some StyleWriter users claim the program has helped get higher responses to sales letters, saved countless hours in administration and improved the profiles of their organizations. Download StyleWriter Today!

Try the software before you buy. Send for the Software for Writers CD and get your 30-day trial of StyleWriter , a short trial of the Electronic Writing Course, four great free programs and six free writing guides.
The Software for Writers CD contains 250 Mb of software for writers!
The CD is also a great resource for those whom English is a second language. The CD includes:

FREE Dictionary and Thesaurus! – A superb reference you’ll use every day. Read more
30-DAY TRIAL of StyleWriter – Fully working trial version Read more
TIME-LIMITED TRIAL of the Electronic Writing Course – Preview the Course before ordering. Read more
FREE Writer’s Outliner – a great utility to plan and organize any information. Read more
FREE Typing Tutor – an effective program to make you a proficient touch typist. Read more
FREE Advanced Calculator – Ideal for technical writers and professionals. Read more
FREE Writing Guides – Read more

FREE BONUS DICTIONARY included with every order of StyleWriter!
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WhiteSmoke 2009 Review – Best english writing & grammar correction software

WhiteSmoke 2009 is an innovative proofreading and editing tool with a single aim – to help you write better. Whether you simply want to compose well–written emails to family and friends, or you need professional results for business and corporate settings, WhiteSmoke consistently delivers

WhiteSmoke 2009 New Features


WhiteSmoke 2009 introduces a new GUI with an improved workflow. Central to the new design is the presentation of WhiteSmoke’s suggestions and corrections. Replacing the pop-up menus of WhiteSmoke 2008, the user now receives corrections and suggestions in-line with the text, just like when a text is edited and proofread manually.”Our beta group is very pleased with this new development, which brings a more organic and ‘real-life’ feel to the writing and editing experience,” notes Liran Brenner, VP R&D at WhiteSmoke. Other changes include the placement of the additional writing tools (English Lessons, Templates, and the Dictionary) above the text area, and more intuitive placement of the “Check” and “Apply” buttons.

Style Checker

WhiteSmoke 2009 introduces a new collection of style checking features. The WhiteSmoke Style Checker includes WhiteSmoke’s patented Text Enrichment, a unique technology that has established WhiteSmoke in a field apart from competitors, as well as a range of new features that address overall writing style. Users will be notified of incomplete sentences, use of slang and IM speak, and informal sentence structures. These additional style checking features make WhiteSmoke 2009 a great leap forward from previous versions of WhiteSmoke, and consolidate the WhiteSmoke mission of creating an “all-in-one” writing tool.

Grammar Checker

WhiteSmoke 2009 introduces new grammar algorithms and updates to existing algorithms. Key new detections include confusions between countable and non-countable nouns (much/many, less/fewer), comparative/superlative mismatches (more nicer, less nicest), and recognition of run-on sentences. Updates to existing grammar algorithms have further improved the precision of WhiteSmoke’s corrections over a wider variety of possible sentence constructions.

whitesmoke 2009 business version review

With the WhiteSmoke 2009 Business Writing Version you can’t go wrong with any document you send out! Our online software corrects any potentially embarrassing grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes and takes your text to a new and more professional level with text enrichment suggestions relevant to the business world. The integrated dictionary-thesaurus, idiom database, and optional multi-language translator [Now Free] are complemented by 600 document templates that all-in-all provide you the best English writing package available!

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whitesmoke 2009 Creative version review

Do you feel like you’ve got a burning desire to be a writer but afraid you still need to brush up on some writing basics? The WhiteSmoke online grammar and writing software is the all-in-one solution that caters to all your writing needs! It will correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes in any short story and essay you write. It will also provide you with text enrichment suggestions to enrich your writing with synonyms and extra adjectives and adverbs. The integrated dictionary-thesaurus, idiom database, 600 document templates, and online English lessons complete our unique all-in-one writing tool made just for you!

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Get a free dictionary + ESL Online Video Tutorial Courses + Business English Video Tutorial Course

whitesmoke 2009 General Writing version review

Writing has never been more accessible than with the groundbreaking WhiteSmoke grammar and writing software. Whether you are a middle school student, about to hand in your first college thesis or already deep in the world of work, our software provides an all-in-one software package that caters to all your writing needs. Starting with grammar, punctuation, and spelling corrections all the way up to text enrichment suggestions of synonyms, adjectives, and adverbs, the WhiteSmoek English text enhancer does it all. Together with a built-in dictionary-thesaurus, idiom database, 600 document templates, and an optional multi-language translator, WhiteSmoke is just the writing tool you need to “Write Better – Right Now!

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whitesmoke 2009 Bio-Writing version review

Completing those patient progress forms or filing lengthy medical supply orders can be tedious and even embarrassing if sent out with mistakes. The WhiteSmoke online English grammar and writing software answers to all your needs as it corrects grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. It goes even further by offering text enriching synonyms, adjectives, and adverbs – all suited to medical jargon. Completing this package are the integrated dictionary-thesaurus, 600 professional document templates, and the optional multi-language translator. All in all, WhiteSmoke is the best all-in-one writing solution to make you “Write Better – Right Now!”

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whitesmoke 2009 Hi-tech version review

The Hi-Tech Writing version of WhiteSmoke is an excellent writing solution for Hi-Tech and IT professionals. Like all versions of WhiteSmoke, you get full access to our advanced grammar checker and spell checker, as well as the style checker, which provides text enhancement suggestions to improve your writing. The dictionary-thesaurus and the spelling database of the Hi-Tech Writing version are tailored for the specific writing needs of Hi-Tech and IT professionals.

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whitesmoke 2009 Executive version review

If you are an executive manager who just doesn’t have time for editing emails and business proposals, then WhiteSmoke’s English grammar and writing software is the solution you’ve been waiting for. The Executive Version includes the text enrichment capabilities of all other WhiteSmoke versions (business, creative, legal, medical, and general), and WhiteSmoke’s world-leading grammar, spelling, and punctuation correction. These core features are backed by a one-click dictionary-thesaurus, and over 600 professional document templates. WhiteSmoke’s all-in-one solution is the best bang for your writing buck!

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Whitesmoke 2009 Business English Video Tutorials

WhiteSmoke’s Business English Video Tutorial Course is based on a comprehensive and highly interactive method to help you learn the “ins and outs” of Business English. The course is based around a series of real-life business scenarios, which help you acquire the necessary communication skills through actual business interactions. There are achievement tests to help you track your progress, and detailed case studies to help you get the most out of your Business English learning experience.

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Whitesmoke 2009 ESL Online Video Tutorials

WhiteSmoke’s ESL Online Video Tutorial Courses are based on a comprehensive and highly interactive method to help you learn the “ins and outs” of English as a second language. The courses are based around real-life scenarios, which help you acquire the necessary communication skills through actual interactions. There are achievement tests to help you track your progress, and detailed case studies to help you get the most out of your English learning experience.

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