Babylon Translation Software Review

Babylon packs all its features into a small window that doesn’t block your view of other windows. This small design doesn’t block your view of the other programs you are using, which is essential because Babylon is designed to translate as you work without disrupting you.

The interface would be useless though if Babylon didn’t translate correctly. Fortunately, Babylon gets it right when it comes to translation. In fact, Babylon performed the best out of all the programs in our translation tests. That accuracy is really what cinches the deal, Babylon is the best translation software that we could find.Free download of Babylon Translation Software.

Effectiveness: star5-1 Babylon Translation Software Review

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again: Babylon is the most effective translation program out there because it offers the most accurate translations. Babylon translated better than any program we reviewed by a significant margin.

Features: star5-3 Babylon Translation Software Review

Babylon doesn’t skimp on the important features. It integrates well with programs; all you have to do is press Control and right-click on any word and Babylon will automatically look up the word in its dictionaries and offer several different sources for additional information. If you need to translate more than one word, you simply highlight the text before pressing Control and right-clicking. You can also copy and paste text directly into Babylon, if you wish.

The Babylon dictionaries are very thorough, and Babylon can automatically identify the source language and choose the dictionaries accordingly. Babylon also offers integrated spell check and text-to-speech capabilities so you can make sure your own translations are accurate.

Ease of Use: star5-3 Babylon Translation Software Review

Babylon is one of the easiest programs to use in this review. It remains a small window, out of the way until you Control+Right-Click on some text. Then Babylon swings into action, translates, looks up definitions and offers other resources automatically. Babylon’s smooth integration makes it the perfect tool to use with other programs.

Available Languages: star5-3 Babylon Translation Software Review

Another thing that makes Babylon such a great buy is that the manufacturer has dictionaries and translation for so many different languages included in one program. While some other translation software only comes with one language, Babylon comes with translation capabilities in 17 languages, with dictionaries that were developed specifically for Babylon. Some of the most commonly-used languages in Babylon are Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and German.

Supported Formats/Files: star5-1 Babylon Translation Software Review

One of the best parts of Babylon is its ability to pull text from so many different files and translate it. Babylon can handle translations from Word, Excel, PDF and RTF files, and it can also translate anything in email, instant messaging or internet browsers. Basically, Babylon can translate text from any of the programs you use on a daily basis.

Help/Support: star5-3 Babylon Translation Software Review

Babylon comes with some great support options. There are user guides and FAQs to answer questions or help you learn how to use all the features in Babylon. You can also contact the manufacturer through email if you need more help.


Babylon simply does it better than the competition. It has greater accuracy, more languages, better features, numerous references and dictionaries and a simple, compact interface. Babylon will be able to do anything you need it to.

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